Hello, my name is Jen.

I am a baker, writer, traveler, and food historian.

Currently, I reside in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I work as the Catering & Events Coordinator of the very school I attended to study Baking & Pastry Arts. It’s a wonderful job with wonderful people, and keeps me in connected, immersed, and enveloped in all things food-related in Vancouver’s hospitality industry.

Prior to my baking education, I studied History at Douglas College and later at Simon Fraser University, where I specialized in British Medieval & Renaissance History – one of my biggest passions. As a true blue tea-drinking, jaffa cake-eating Anglophile, I love anything and everything to do with the British Isles!

Combining those two passions has brought me to where I am today and what I aspire to be tomorrow – a food historian. Whether it’s a 14th Century sotelty, a Georgian banquet, or a liquid nitrogen-and-molecular gastronomy Blumenthalesque creation… food, along with its past, present, and future, fascinates me; I will gladly spend my life traveling, tasting, cooking and baking to learn more and teach more about it.

Welcome to The Shortcrust, my humble online abode where I’ll be doing more of just that.

A (not so) little story about my beginnings, and where I came from to who I am today.

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