Blogging From The Sky: LA, Here I Come!

Well well well. Long time no post, eh? As you can see, right after my amazing 30-day writing challenge, work ate my brain and I wasnโ€™t around here as much as I would have liked. Fear not, folks, Iโ€™m back! Iโ€™m currently seated in seat 1D of my Alaska Airlines flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and since Iโ€™m too buzzed to sleep, I figured I may as well make productive use of my time, right? Thank you Gogo Inflight Internet! This trip is an exciting one for many, many reasons. On this ten day vacation, I am – fortunately – visiting two of the United Statesโ€™ best-known cities: Los Angeles and New York. On it, Iโ€™ll be seeing sights, staying at some of the most beautiful, historically vibrant hotels, eating some mind-blowing food, and (hopefully) meeting amazing people. I shanโ€™t spoil the itinerary too too much for you, since Iโ€™ll be wanting to leave that for my future blog

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